Roger C. Styer - Private Consultant, Styer's Horticultural Consulting, Inc., Batavia, IL

Sept. 1974-March 1977, MS Chairman - Effects of storage conditions, growth regulators, and maturity on ATP content and seedling vigor of vegetable seeds.

March 1977-May 1982, PhD Chairman - Association of Fusarium moniliform with seed vigor throughout development of two endosperm mutants of sweet corn grown under different environmental conditions.

Kenneth D. Shuler - County Agent, Palm Beach County Extension Service, West Palm Beach, FL

Jan. 1975-Dec. 1978, MS Chairman - Reducing vegetable seedling injury from salinity by increasing germination rate with pregermination seed treatments.

Antonio C. Guedes - Cenergen, EMBRAPA, Brazilia, Brazil

Sept. 1975-May 1979, PhD Chairman - The use of seed priming to hasten germination of lettuce seeds at high temperature.

James Watkins - Quality Assurance Director, SunSeeds, Morgan Hill, CA

Jan. 1976-Dec. 1978, MS Chairman - Regulation of fruit set and development in Cucumis sativus by auxin and an auxin transport inhibitor.

Jan. 1978-May 1982, PhD Chairman - Germination of Capsicum annuum at low temperature.

David James - Extension Specialist-Seeds, Ohio State University, Horticulture & Crops Sciences, 220 Kottman Hall/2021 Coffey Rd., Columbus, OH 43210-1086

July 1977-May 1982, PhD Chairman - Vigor deterioration in soybean seeds (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) after accelerated aging.

Neal Richmond

Jan. 1978-Dec. 1979, MSA Chairman.

An-Ching Tang - Agricultural Teaching, Taiwan

March 1978-May 1982, PhD Chairman - The role of environment during seed development on subsequent seed quality of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata).

Juan Ohep - Agroexport Packing Agricultural Development, Venezuela

Sept. 1978-June 1981, MS Chairman - Incorporation of gel additives in the fluid drilling of pregerminated tomato seeds.

Jonathan Schultheis - Associate Professor, NC State University, Department of Horticulture, Raleigh, NC

Sept. 1981-May 1984, MS Chairman - Comparison of planting methods and their effects on stand establishment and yields in bell pepper (Capsicum annuum L.).

May 1984-May 1989, PhD Chairman - Somatic embryos as a synthetic seeding system using fluid drilling technique for direct sowing of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Poir.).

Penny Perkis-Veazie - USDA Les Watkins Agricultural Research Center, Lane, OK

Sept. 1981-May 1984, PhD Chairman - Methods to improve stand establishment of cabbage in direct-field and seedbed plantings.

Charleen Baker - DNA Plant Technology, Inc., 6701 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA 94608-1239

Aug. 1982-Aug. 1985, PhD Co-Chairman - Synchronization and fluid sowing of carrot, Daucus carota, somatic embryos.

Mustafa ElBalla - Head, Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Shambat, Sudan

Aug. 1982-Aug. 1987, PhD Chairman - Control of growth regulators and temporature on seed stalk development, seed yield and seed quality in carrots (Daucus carota [L.]).

Dale Seale - Drip Irrigation Sales and Service, AgroDynamics, Rockwool, Orlando, FL

Jan. 1983-Dec. 1986, MS Chairman - Improved stand establishment of sand land grown lettuce (Lactuca sativa [L.]) in Florida.

Greg McCollum - Postharvest Physiologist, USDA, 2120 Camden Rd., Orlando, FL 32803

Aug. 1982-June 1987, PhD Chairman - Metabolism of soluble and structural carbohydrates during muskmelon fruit development.

Gerald Odell - Farm Manager, Monsanto/NT Gargiulo, Naples, FL

Jan. 1984-April 1986, MS Chairman - Stand establishment and yield effects of seed priming and soil amendments on direct-seeded fresh market tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.).

Ilan Tanne - Vice President, Samuel Tanne Co., Ra'Anana, Israel

Aug. 1985-Dec. 1986, MSA Chairman.

Caprice Simonds - Sr. Faculty Research Asst./Technician, Oregon State University, Crop Science Dept., Corvallis, OR

Jan. 1986-May 1990, MSA Chairman.

Daniel Leskovar - Professor, Texas A&M University, Department of Horticulture, Uvalde, TX

Aug. 1986-Dec. 1990, PhD Chairman - Transplant root growth in relation to age, handling and production system in tomato and pepper.

Carlos Perera - Station Director, INTA, San Juan, Argentina

Jan. 1988-May 1990, MS Chairman - Improved seed germination and stand establishment in sweet corn carrying the sh2 gene.

May 1990-Dec. 1992, PhD Chairman - Seed vigor and germination in shrunken-2 maize.

Nicolas Mfe'e ze - Professor, University of Dschang, Cameroon, West Africa

Aug. 1989-Aug. 1991, MS Chairman - Abscisic acid and osmotic induction of synchronous somatic embryogenesis of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.).

Yohannes Abebe

Jan. 1990-May 1993, MS Chairman - Improving tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) seed germination under high temperature by seed priming, scarification, heatshock and light.

Craig Charron - Research Scientist, USDA, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Diet and Human Performance Lab

Aug. 1991-Aug. 1994, MS Chairman - Volatile emission from hydroponically grown lettuce cultivated under controlled conditions of light intensity, photoperiod, and temperature.

Robert Sadler - (Medical leave Jan. 1993-present)

Jan. 1990, MS Chairman - Terminated due to medical reasons.

Carlos Robles - Extension Service, VI

May 1991-May 1997, MS Chairman - Performance of direct-seeded and transplanted lettuce grown on mineral soils in Florida.

Kalavathy Padmanabhan

Jan. 1992-Aug. 1996, PhD Chairman - Regulation of regenerative ability of somatic embryos of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.): Morpholocial and molecular approaches.

Puffy Soundy - Professor, Department of Plant Production & Soil Science, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Aug. 1992-Dec. 1996, PhD Chairman - Lettuce transplant, root and shoot development in relation to N, P, and K nutrition and water management.

Yu Sung - Professor, National Chuang-Hsing University, Horticulture Department, Taichung, Taiwan

Aug. 1992-Aug. 1996, PhD Chairman - Identification and characterization of thermotolerance in lettuce seed germination.

Silvana Nicola - Associate Professor, Dipartimento di Agronomia, Selvicoltura e Gestione del Territorio, Universita di Torino, Via Michelangelo, 3210126 Torino, Italy

Aug. 1993-May 1997, PhD Chairman - Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) root morphology, growth, and development in an autotrophic culture system.

Daniel Kirschbaum - Research Scientist, Argentina

Aug. 1996-Dec. 1998, MS Chairman - Temperature and growth regulator effects on growth and development of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.).

Warley Nascimento - Research Scientist, CNPH/EMBRAPA, Brazilia, Brazil

Jan. 1997-Dec. 1998, PhD Chairman - Involvement of ethylene and endo-ß-mannanase in lettuce seed germination at high temperature.

Eric Bish - Deceased

Aug. 1994-Aug. 1999, PhD Chairman.

Elio Jovicich

Aug. 1997-Dec. 2001, MS Chairman - Media, pruning, irrigation/fertility practices alter greenhouse production and quality of peppers.

Nicole Shaw - Sr. Biological Scientist, Horticultural Sciences Dept., University of Florida/IFAS

Jun 2001-May 2002, MS Chairman

Juan Rodriguez - Education-Outreach Division, Florida Organic Growers

Jan. 1999-Aug. 2003, MS Chairman - 'Galia' muskmelon: Technical and economic feasibility as an alternative greenhouse crop for growers in Florida.

Ashwin Paranjpe - Organic Farmer, Spain

Aug. 1999-Dec. 2003, MS Co-Chairman - Soilless media, growing containers, plant densities, and cultivars for greenhouse strawberry production in Florida.

Ivanka Kozareva - Umeå University, Department of Plant Physiology, Sweden

Aug. 1999-Aug. 2004, PhD Co-Chairman - Role of ethylene in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) germination at supraoptimal temperatures.

Hector Nunez-Palenius - Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Genetic Engineering Department, Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute – Irapuato Unit

Aug. 2000-Dec. 2005, PhD Chairman - Transformation of ‘Galia’ melon to improve fruit quality. 

Elio Jovicich

Jan. 2002 - May 2007, PhD Chairman - Hydroponic greenhouse pepper in Florida:  Practices of plant trellising, population, transplant depth, soilless media, and irrigation.

Jennifer Bonina - Instructor, Gordon College, Wenham, MA

Aug. 2002 - MS Chairman - A rapid, simple, inexpensive and reproducible endo-beta mannanase assay test for determining optimal hydrothermal timing of commercial priming of lettuce seed.

Jeanmarie Mitchell - Aug. 2003 - MS Chairman

Ji-Young Hong - Jan. 2004 - PhD Chairman

James Webb - Territory Manager, Speedling, Inc., Sun City, FL

Aug. 2004 - May 2007, MS Chairman - The economic feasibility of greenhouse grown bell peppers, strawberries and cucumbers as an alternative to field production in north central Florida. 

Nicole Shaw - Jan. 2005 - PhD Chairman

Shubin Saha - Aug. 2005 - PhD Chairman

Elizabeth Thomas - Aug. 2005 - MS Chairman