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Stone Fruit Production in Florida

Growing premium stone fruit in Florida requires knowledge of several topics in horticulture, including site selection, orchard design, variety selection, locating the plant material, and tree establishment.  During the growing season, other activities such as pruning, fruit thinning, and harvesting occur multiple times during the season. 

Florida has a sub-tropical climate that allows for an early harvest window and unique marketing niche; however this climate also brings challenges.  Heavy fruit set, excess vigor, and long growing season are just a few of these challenges in addition to high disease and pest pressure.

These challenges can be easily managed with the information on these pages, and with the help of your local extension agent.  The reward of successful management of these challenges can result in a large, beautiful, and flavorful stone fruit that consumers will enjoy.

Our mission for the Stone Fruit Research and Extension program is to help expand the Florida stone fruit industry by conducting appropriate research and extension projects. We welcome feedback and industry participation. Please contact Dr. Ali Sarkhosh to submit your ideas.

The following pages have the latest, up-to-date information regarding disease, weed, and insect management, in addition to cultural practices.

Recordkeeping is an essential activity when managing your orchard, and the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services has provided a suggested Pesticide Recordkeeping Form: