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Danielle and Mike

Extension Program:

The emphasis of our program is to provide relevant, research-based information to producers, university faculty, agricultural service providers and other agricultural stakeholders to improve the long-term sustainability of farming systems in Florida. This outreach and extension program aims to:

  • Increase knowledge of the National Organic Standards, and the process of becoming certified organic
  • Disseminate information and technology related to nutrient mangement with organic amendments in vegetable production
  • Increase the knowledge and skill level of producers using cover crops
  • Provide leadership for the UF and FAMU Small Farms Extension team

Activities include training of extension personnel on how organic systems function, and how to best serve the organic producers in their areas.

Visit the University of Florida's extension fact sheet digital library, EDIS, to access over 7,000 science-based articles. A summary of fact sheets relevant to organic and sustainable producers can be found on the UF Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises website. Articles of national significance regarding certified organic production are published on eXtension by the eOrganic Community of Practice.