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Dr. James W. Olmstead

Office:2211 Fifield Hall
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Associate Professor

Areas of Research

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Plant Breeding and Genetics, Michigan State University (2006)
  • M.S., Horticulture, Washington State University (1999)
  • B.S., Horticulture, Washington State University (1997)

Teaching Responsibilities

Work and International Experiences

  • Assistant Professor, Blueberry Breeding & Genetics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, (2009-current)
  • Yakima County (WA) Extension, Area Extension Educator, Washington State University, Yakima, WA, (2007-2009)
  • Post-doctoral Research Associate, Sweet Cherry Breeding, Washington State University, Prosser, WA, (2006-2007)

Program Personnel 

  • David Norden, Research Coordinator I
  • Werner Collante, Biological Scientist
  • David Friedman, Ph.D. Student
  • Doug Phillips, M.S. Student
  • Elliot Norden, M.S. Student

Refereed Publications 

  • Blaker, K.M. and J.W. Olmstead.  2015.  Cell wall composition of the skin and flesh tissue of crisp and standard texture southern highbush blueberry genotypes.  Journal of Berry Research 5:9-15.
  • Gilbert, J.L., M.J. Guthart, S.A. Gezan, M. Pisaroglo de Carvalho, M.L. Schwieterman, T.A. Colquhoun, L.M. Bartoshuk, C.A. Sims, D.G. Clark, and J.W. Olmstead. 2015. Identifying breeding priorities for blueberry flavor using biochemical, sensory, and genotype by environment analyses. PLOS ONE 10(9):e0138494. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0138494.
  • Kovaleski, A.P., J.G. Williamson, J.W. Olmstead, and R.L. Darnell.  2015.  Inflorescence bud initiation, development, and bloom in two southern highbush blueberry cultivars.  Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 140:38-44.
  • Olmstead, J.W., R.A. Itle, S.R. Marino, D.E. Norden, and W.E. Collante.  2015.  Floral bud chill requirement of low-chill southern highbush blueberry germplasm.  Journal of the American Pomological Society 69:4-10.
  • Nunez, G.H., J.W. Olmstead, and R.L. Darnell.  2015.  Rhizosphere acidification is not part of the strategy I iron deficiency response of Vaccinium arboreum and the southern highbush blueberry.  HortScience 50:1064-1069.
  • Blaker, K., A. Plotto, E. Baldwin, and J.W. Olmstead.  2014.  Correlation between sensory and instrumental measurements of standard and crisp texture southern highbush blueberries.  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94:2785-2793.
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  • Gilbert, J.L., M.L. Schwieterman, T.A. Colquhoun, D.G. Clark, and J.W. Olmstead.  2013.  Potential for increasing southern highbush blueberry flavor acceptance by breeding for major volatile components.  HortScience 48:835-843.
  • Olmstead, J.W., H.P. Rodriguez-Armenta, and P.M. Lyrene.  2013.  Using sparkleberry as a genetic source for machine harvest traits for southern highbush blueberry.  HortTechnology 23:419-424.
  • Sargent, S.A., A.D. Berry, J.G. Williamson, and J.W. Olmstead.  2013.  Postharvest quality of mechanically and hand-harvested southern highbush blueberry fruit for fresh market.  HortTechnology 23:437-441.
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Non-refereed Publications

  • Blaker, K.M. and J.W. Olmstead.  2014.  Effects of preharvest applications of 1-methylcyclopropene on fruit firmness in southern highbush blueberry.  Acta Horticulturae 1017:71-75.
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