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Dr. Rebecca L. Darnell

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Course HOS4304 | Course HOS4341

The focus of my program is in woody plant physiology, particularly as it relates to carbohydrate and nitrogen assimilation. We've recently  been investigating the use of Vaccinium arboreum - a wild relative of the cultivated blueberry - as a rootstock to increase soil adaptability and potentially increase yield. See the link below to learn more about our rootstock grafting project: 

Blueberry Grafting

I also teach undergraduate and graduate courses in basic plant physiology, environmental physiology, and professional development.

Rebecca L. Darnell
Professor, Associate Chair
Undergraduate Coordinator
Horticultural Sciences Department
1131 Fifield Hall
PO Box 110690
Gainesville FL 32611-0690
Office: (352) 273-4789
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