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Dr. Xin Zhao

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Assistant Professor

Horticultural Sciences Department
University of Florida
Gainesville, Fl. 32611-0690
Phone: (352) 273-4773
Email: zxin@ufl.edu

The overall goal of my research and education programs in the field of sustainable and organic vegetable production is to improve and integrate environmental stewardship, crop productivity, food quality, and farm profitability.

My research program involves both applied and fundamental studies on evaluating the feasibility of adopting and implementing innovative production methods into the Integrated Pest Management and Best Management Practices for vegetable crops.  The interdisciplinary program bridges cutting-edge research in horticultural crop nutrition and physiology, plant pathology, food science, and production economics aiming to find solutions to current and emerging problems related to control of soil-borne pests, nutrient management, and soil quality in commercial vegetable production. 

My teaching responsibility includes courses in the area of horticultural production and organic and sustainable crop production, undergraduate advising as well as mentoring of graduate students.  The teaching effort is also dedicated towards training the next-generation of agricultural leaders through development of experiential learning and study abroad opportunities for students.