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The Blueberry News

Official Newsletter of the Florida Blueberry Growers' Association


Bill Braswell, president

Chad Dumke, vice president

Sheri Brothers, secretary

Amber Kosinsky, treasurer  

Jeff Williamson, newsletter editor and educational program director. 

Board of Directors: 

Dan Ebbecke, Wayne Bass, Jack Green, Gary England, Dudley Calfee, Donna Miller. 


The information in this newsletter was selected with good intentions by the editor. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor, the Florida Blueberry Growers' Association or the Association Directors. The reader should not assume that the information presented in the newsletter is being recommended for his or her farm. Especially where pesticides or growth regulators are mentioned, be sure to follow their labels exactly. If you have comments, corrections, or suggestions regarding the newsletter, please write to the editor

Current Issue:

Spring Issue, 2007

Past Issues:

Spring Issue, 2007
Fall Issue, 2006

Summer Issue, 2006
Fall Issue, 2005
Spring Issue, 2005
Fall Issue, 2004
Fall Issue, 2003
Fall Issue, 2002
Summer Issue, 2002
Spring Issue, 2002
Winter Issue, 2001
Fall Issue, 2001
Spring Issue, 2001
Fall Issue, 2000
Summer Issue, 2000
Spring Issue, 2000
Winter Issue, 1999