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Greenhouse Vegetable ProductionPublications on EDIS:

  • Tyson, R., R. Hochmuth, and D.J. Cantliffe. 2010.
    Hydroponic Vegetable Production in Florida.
    EDIS HS405.  (view .pdf)
  • Growing Undercover.
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    EDIS HS1067.  (view .pdf)
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    EDIS HS1021.  (view .pdf)
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    Strawberries: main pests and beneficials in Florida.
    EDIS HS265.   (view .pdf)
  • Rondon, S.I. and D.J. Cantliffe. 2005.
    Biology and Control of the Strawberry Aphid, Chaetosiphon fragaefolli) (Cockerell) (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Florida.
    EDIS HS253.   (view .pdf)
  • Rondon, S.I. 2005.
    Neoseiulus californicus) McGregor: A predatory mite species for controlling two-spotted spider mites in strawberries.
    EDIS HS245.   (view .pdf)
  • Rondon, S.I. 2005.
    Commercial availability of predatory mites.
    EDIS HS244.   (view .pdf)
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    Production of greenhouse-grown peppers in Florida.
    EDIS HS228.   (view .pdf)
  • Jovicich, E. and D.J. Cantliffe.
    2004. "Elephant's Foot," a Basal Stem Disorder in Greenhouse-Grown Bell Peppers.
    EDIS HS959.   (view .pdf)
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    Angular leaf spot: a bacterial disease in strawberries in Florida.
    EDIS PP120.   (view .pdf)
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    EDIS HS234.   (view .pdf)
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    The squash bug, Anasa tristis) (Hemiptera: Coreidae): a potential greenhouse pest of Beit Alpha cucumber.
    EDIS HS233.   (view .pdf)
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    Biological control for insect management in strawberries.
    EDIS HS180.   (view .pdf)
  • Cantliffe, D.J. and J.J. Vansickle. 2002
    Industria European de invernaderos, prácticas de crecimiento y competitividad en el Mercado Estadounidense.
    EDIS FE332. (view .pdf)
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    Competitiveness of the Spanish and Dutch greenhouse industries with the Florida fresh vegetable industry.
    EDIS HS918.   (view .pdf)
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    Beit Alpha' cucumber: A new greenhouse crop for Florida.
    EDIS HS810.   (view .pdf)
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    Fusarium stem rot of greenhouse peppers.
    EDIS CV276. (view .pdf)

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