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Curriculum Options

The Horticultural Sciences Department offers four undergraduate curriculum options:

  • Horticultural Sciences- This is a flexible curriculum covering growth and development of horticultural crops and is tailored to individual students’ interest and career objectives.

Career options include:

  • Nursery/greenhouse management
  • Crop production
  • Research biologist
  • Commodity marketing/management
  • International agriculture
  • Horticultural Production– In this program, students learn production techniques that emphasize sustainability and efficiency to propel them on a career path in many aspects of the fruit and/or vegetable industry.

Career options include:

  • Farm production/management
  • Field/research biologist
  • Agribusiness sales and marketing
  • International agriculture
  • Organic Crop Production- This specialization emphasizes cultural practices that maintain ecological and economical balance in horticultural crop production systems. These principles apply to any crop production system, whether conventional, sustainable and/or organic.

Career options include:

  • Nursery/greenhouse production
  • Farm production
  • Field biologist
  • Fruit/produce marketing
  • International agriculture
  • Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology- This program focuses on integrating molecular techniques to improve and understand crop growth, development, and enhance traditional breeding.  It is an excellent program to prepare students for graduate studies or careers in laboratory research.

We also offer several undergraduate minors that are open to all students at the University of Florida and include Horticultural Sciences, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology and Organic Agriculture.

For more information contact:

Curtis Smyder,
Student Services Coordinator 
orDr. Rebecca Darnell,
Undergraduate Coordinator
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