VEC 2100 World Herbs and Vegetables
section 5368
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8th period (3:00PM-3:50PM)
110 Rinker Hall
Instructor: Dr. Saba


Highlights of VEC 2100

Herbs & Vegetable Facts

Sample Power Point Presentation

Sample of Supplemental Note

Sample Activity Sheet



















Here are some links to help you find more information on herbs and their many uses:

University of Florida Extension Publications
Univ. of Florida/IFAS EDIS

Sustainable Agriculture
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

HerbMed Database:  HerbMed

Vegetables & Fruits in Nutrition: 

Ethanobotanical Database: 
Duke's Database

New Crops: 
New CROPS Resource - Purdue University

Small Farms: 
Resources for Small Farms

Functional Foods: 
Swedish Ctr. for Functional Foods

Functional Foods for Health

Sellers of Culinary Herbs & Seeds  The Herb Cottage     


Epicurian Foods Intl.

Vegetable seed sources

Food Museum online
Appetite for Humor
Vegetable Humor
Food TV

Articles on Culinary Herbs:  
Culinary Herb FAQ
Culinary Herbs in the Home garden Culinary Herbs and Essential Oils Medicinal and Culinary Herb FAQ