VEC 2100 World Herbs and Vegetables
section 5368
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8th period (3:00PM-3:50PM)
110 Rinker Hall
Instructor: Dr. Saba


Highlights of VEC 2100

Herb & Vegetable Facts

Sample Power Point Presentation

Sample of Supplemental Note

Sample Activity Sheet






Lectures are filled with fun facts and discussions on major and minor vegetables and culinary herbs. Power Point presentations are supplemented with chalkboard discussions, question and answers, show and tell, audio visual presentations and guest lectures.

Inquiry-based learning
Every effort is made so that students learn both in and outside the classroom.

Fun Activities
Do fun activities related to vegetables and herbs. Students put their knowledge to the test with real world applications.

Class List-serv for E-mail correspondence
The instructor uses E-mail correspondence to bring in the latest news on vegetables and herbs research and to answer a variety of questions from the students.