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Vegetarian 05-01 grnbullet.gif (839 bytes) January 2005

 Growth and Yield of Hurricane-damaged Tomato Plants

Relay-Intercropping does not Reduce Strawberry Yield
 in a Winter Annual Hill Production System

Collard Variety Trial Fall 2004, NFREC-Quincy, FL

Reminder for UF/IFAS vegetable Specialists and Agents

Please continue to take advantage of the Power Point Exchange Web Site for Agents
and Specialists in State Major Program FL107
http://fl107.ifas.ufl.edu/ .
(You will be prompted for a username and password which is the same
as your Gatorlink ID used to sign on to MYUFL.)

Specialists: Post your meeting presentations by following the directions at the Web site.

Agents: Review the site to increase your knowledge base in commercial vegetable
 production and harvesting practices, and to assist you in the planning, implementation,
and reporting of educational activities for the commercial vegetable industry in Florida.

Contributing Extension Specialists

Daniel J. Cantliffe
Professor and Chair
Rafael Munoz-Carpena
Assistant Professor, hydrology
Kent Cushman
Assistant Professor, vegetable production
Mark A. Ritenour
Assistant Professor, postharvest
John R. Duval
Assistant Professor, strawberry
Steven A. Sargent
Professor, postharvest
Chad M. Hutchinson
Assistant Professor, vegetable production
Eric H. Simonne
Assistant Professor and SCIENTIFIC EDITOR, vegetable nutrition
Yuncong Li
Associate Professor, soils
William M. Stall
Professor, weed science
Stephen M. Olson
Professor, small farms
James M. White
Associate Professor, organic farming