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February 2006



New EDIS Postharvest Horticulture Publication

The first revision of the Handling Florida Vegetable Series, “Round and Roma Tomato Types” was just released by EDIS ( http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/VH079 ). This completely new bulletin was written by Steve Sargent, Jeff Brecht and Teresa Olczyk and features the latest information from our studies with these tomato types, describing in detail handling procedures from harvest through shipping to ensure the highest quality. Important topics covered include: varieties, harvest maturity, dump tank management, grading, gas room management, temperature management, and shipping


Direct link to the Water Quality/Quantity Best Management Practices for Florida Vegetables and Agronomic Crops


Call for Abstracts for the 2006 Joint Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society and the Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida June 4 - 6


Evaluation of 25 entries of Race 3 Bacterial Spot Resistant Bell Peppers


Grower Preferred Cucurbit Varieties for West Central Florida




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Contributing Extension Specialists

Daniel J. Cantliffe
Professor and Chair
Mark A. Ritenour
Associate Professor, postharvest
Kent Cushman
Assistant Professor, vegetable production
Steven A. Sargent
Professor, postharvest
Chad M. Hutchinson
Associate Professor, vegetable production
Eric H. Simonne
Associate Professor and SCIENTIFIC EDITOR, vegetable nutrition
Yuncong Li
Associate Professor, soils
William M. Stall
Professor, weed science
Stephen M. Olson
Professor, small farms
Danielle Treadwell
Assistant Professor, organic/sustainable production
Rafael Munoz-Carpena
Assistant Professor, hydrology
James M. White
Associate Professor, organic farming

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