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Issue No. 544 April 2009

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The 2009-2010 Vegetable Production Handbook for Florida has arrived and is currently being distributed.  Check out the on-line version available as a Featured Article in this month's issue of the Vegetarian Newsletter. The new handbook should be available in EDIS very soon.

The 2008 FSHS Proceedings are now available on-line. Click here to view them now.

The 2008 Proceedings of the Tomato Institute are now available on-line.
Click here to view them now.

Monthly Climate Summaries are now available at - click on the state you want to view: Florida, Georgia or North Carolina.

Visit our archives. All of our archived issues from 1950-1999. These archived issues are full of interesting bits of knowledge. Click here to check out the topic of your interest now.

The 2007-2008 Vegetable Production Handbook is available on EDIS!
Click here to visit it now.

The electronic version of the 2007-2008 Vegetable Production Handbook has been archived but is still available for viewing.

New EDIS Horticulture Publications

Our latest publications are now available on EDIS: 
"Guide for Maintining the Quality and Safety of Organic Vegetables and Melons During Harvest and Handling Operations" is available at: -This 7-page fact sheet, by Dr. Steven A. Sargent and Dr. Danielle Treadwell, decribes the practical guidelines to assist growers and handlers of organic vegetables and melons to minimize losses during harvest and handling operations. Differences in recommendations between crops grown using organic methods and conventional production methods are noted.

"'Florida Elyana' Strawberry" is available on EDIS at: -This publication, by Dr. Craig K. Chandler, Dr. Bielinski M. Santos, and Dr. Natalie A. Peres, describes performance of this short-cultivar that has shown promise in recent trials in western portions of Central Florida.

"Greenhouse Manufacturers and Suppliers" is available on EDIS at: Revised! This publication, by Dr. George J. Hochmuth and Dr. Robert C. Hochmuth, provides a partial directory of greenhouse manufacturers and supplies.

"Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide" is available on EDIS at:
Revised! This publication, by J.M. Stephens, Dr. Sydney P. Brown, Dr. Danielle D. Treadwell, Dr. Susan Webb, Dr. Amanda Gevens, R.A. Dunn, Dr. G. Kidder, D. Short, and G.W. Simone, provides recommendations appropriate for home gardens in Florida. It covers planning, soil preparation, compost and fertilizing, irrigation and drainage, and pest management with and without pesticides. Gives fertilizer and insect control recommendations. Also has a planting guide with planting dates and spacing information, as well as a table with suggested varieties of vegetables for Florida gardens.

Other sources of horticultural information.
Direct link to the BMP Manual for Vegetables & Agronomic Crops in Florida

Click on the chapter you are interested in the Table of Contents below to view the PDF version of that chapter.

VPH Cover

Table of Contents  

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Soil and Fertilizer Management for Vegetable Production in Florida

Chapter 3.  Principles and Practices for Irrigation Management

Chapter 4.  Nematodes and Their management

Chapter 5.  Weed Management

Chapter 6.  Alternative to Methyl Bromide Soil Fumigation for Florida Vegetable Production

Chapter 7.  Cole Crop Production in Florida

Chapter 8.  Specialty Asian Vegetable Production South Florida

Chapter 9.  Cucurbit Production in Florida

Chapter 10.  Eggplant Production in Florida

Chapter 11.  Legume Production in Florida: Snapbean, Lima Bean, Southern pea, Snowpea

Chapter 12.  Lettuce, Endive, Escarole Production in Florida

Chapter 13.  Okra Production in Florida

Chapter 14.  Onion, Leek, and Chive Production in Florida

Chapter 15.  Minor Vegetable Crops: Beets, Carrots, Celery and Parsley

Chapter 16.  Pepper Production in Florida

Chapter 17.  Potato Production in Florida

Chapter 18.  Radish Production in Florida

Chapter 19.  Spinach Production in Florida

Chapter 20.  Strawberry Production in Florida

Chapter 21.  Sweet Corn Production in Florida

Chapter 22.  Sweetpotato Production in Florida

Chapter 23.  Tomato Production in Florida

Chapter 24.  Guidelines for Chinese Leafy and Root Crop Vegetables in South Florida

Chapter 25.  Tropical Root Crop Production in Florida


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